Personalized Nutrition Plans & Individualized meal plans

What Are the Benefits of Personalized Nutrition Plans?

Personalized nutrition plans are becoming more and more common. If you have thought about obtaining one, you may find yourself wondering what the benefits are. While all humans have the same internal structures, the parts of the body that are used and the amount of use that each part uses varies from person to person. Someone who is a professional mover for a living is going to use their body in a very different way than someone who sits behind a desk all day. The nutritional needs for a mover are also going to vary from the nutritional needs of the person sitting behind a desk, based on the amount of calories that each uses and burns each day. Personalized nutrition plans ensure you have a nutritional plan that works specifically for you and your lifestyle. Are you ready to get your personalized plan in Edmonton, AB, Canada. Schedule your appointment with Human Integrated Performance today.

How Individualized Meal Plans Can Change Your Life

Most people want to eat healthy, well-balanced meals. Unfortunately, cooking a meal from scratch can be time-consuming. You have to find a recipe online, go shopping, and then cook and prepare the meal. A lot of people are so busy, that instead of doing all of this, they would rather go through a drive-thru and get something fast instead. Fast food is filled with sodium, calories and fat. It can increase your weight and lead to health issues. Individualized meal plans can help to give you a road map to follow so you can plan out your meals and prep them, making it easier than ever to prepare healthy, homemade meals. This can help you to control your weight, improve your health and even save money. Contact Human Integrated Performance to learn how we can put together individualized meal plans for you.


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