Relaxation Massage & Myofascial Cupping

The Benefits of Relaxation Massage

Many people view a relaxation massage as an indulgent activity. It is something that is luxurious and a treat for a special occasion. However, there are many health benefits associated with massage. In fact, instead of treating it as a special activity, you should learn more about the health benefits and get one on a monthly basis to help you live a healthy lifestyle. A relaxation massage can help your body to massage. This can help to relieve tension headaches and pain in your body caused by tension. A massage increases blood flow to the massaged parts of your body, which can promote healing and strength. Finally, massage has been shown to help you sleep better, which has many health benefits associated with it as well. Don't save the massages only for special occasions. Book yours today in Edmonton, AB, Canada by contacting Human Integrated Performance.

What is Myofascial Cupping?

Myofascial cupping is a technique that has been around for centuries. However, as is the case with many older techniques, it faded away for a time, but recently has been making a comeback after swimmer, Michael Phelps, was photographed with weird circles on his body at the Olympics. It was revealed he utilizes myofascial cupping. People started looking into it, and wanted to give it a try, reviving it from obscurity. Cupping uses suction to help lift a layer of tissue in the body, allowing a therapist to decompress, massage or manipulate the layer of tissue below that upper layer. This can help to relieve pain and promote faster healing. This treatment is not painful and is natural. Are you ready to learn how much better your body may feel thanks to myofascial cupping? Schedule an appointment with one of our therapists today at Human Integrated Performance.


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