Traction Therapy

What Is Traction Therapy?

Traction therapy is one of the most common types of treatment offered by chiropractors. It goes by many different names, including spinal traction, vertebral traction and cervical traction. It can be done using the hands, called manual traction, or with the help of a medical device, called mechanical traction. The whole idea behind traction therapy is to help increase the space between the vertebrae by stretching muscles and ligaments. That added space helps to treat conditions such as pinched or compressed nerves, injuries to the vertebrae or joints that may be causing swelling or injuries to the joints in the area. Traction therapy is done slowly and consists of many treatments to obtain the desired results. Are you looking to learn more about this technique and whether you may be a candidate for it? Contact Human Integrated Performance to book a consultation appointment now.

Traction Therapy to Help Alleviate Pain

If you are someone who is finding it hard to engage in everyday activities due to constant back or neck pain, you might want to try Traction Therapy. 


Traction Therapy, sometimes known as Spinal Traction, helps to improve one’s body to heal itself by straightening out the spine. This helps in relieving pain in the neck and spine. Though it is effective, traction therapy is not for everyone. For people who are obese, pregnant or have major osteoporosis, traction therapy might not be the right option for you. 


Here at Human Integrated Performance in Edmonton, AB, we offer traction therapy. If you have tried everything to relieve yourself of back and neck pain, and want to see if traction therapy is right for you, call us for a consultation. You will be able to speak with a specialist who will give you more information and who can determine if traction therapy is right for you. 


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